Chinese Truck Builder Adopts SinterCast Technology

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co. Ltd. plans to install a SinterCast Mini-System 3000 will be installed at the Dongfeng Technology Centre's R&D foundry located at Shiyan City. The system will be delivered during Q1 2015 and installed in Q2, in preparation for Dongfeng’s development of cylinder blocks and heads in compacted graphite iron.

Stockholm-based SinterCast is the world’s largest supplier of process control technology for producing CGI, a lightweight alternative to gray iron and aluminum for automotive component manufacturing.

System 3000 is the third generation of SinterCast’s process control system, for use with foundries that produce CGI in pressurized pouring furnaces or by ladle pouring. The Mini-System 3000 parallels the technology for research and product development programs.

In addition to supplying the system, SinterCast will provide technical support as Dongfeng establishes CGI production procedures and CGI product development.

"This order marks our ninth installation in China and our 15th installation in Asia, broadening our presence and brand awareness, and increasing our opportunity to support the future series production needs of the important Asian market" stated Dr. Steve Dawson, SinterCast president and CEO.

SinterCast has 40 systems installed for licensees in 12 countries. These systems are mainly involved in CGI operations for gasoline and diesel engine cylinder blocks and exhaust components for passenger vehicles; medium-duty and heavy-duty cylinder blocks and heads for commercial vehicles; and, industrial power engine components for marine, rail, off-road and stationary engines. SinterCast's series production parts range from 2 kg to 9 metric tons. 

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle is a unit of Dongfeng Motor Corporation a state-owned automobile manufacturer in Wuhan, and one of China’s "Big Three" automakers. In 2014 its total production exceeded 3.5 million vehicles, and its commercial vehicle output totaled nearly 450,000 units — the most of any Chinese manufacturer.

"Asia currently accounts for 15 of our 40 installations,” Dawson noted, “but it is even more significant to note that 10 of our last 20 installations have been secured in China, Japan, and Korea. We will continue to focus on increasing our installed base and promoting new CGI product applications in order to grow the total market opportunity."

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