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The reference purchasing list of FSC Industrial Parts Sourcing Conference


Bonfiglioli(World Top 500)

Purchasing products: Reducer body and flange with grey iron and ductile iron
Technique requirement:Automation line, resin sand, etc.
Single piece weight:10kg—1,000 kg
Annual purchasing value:¥ 10 million


Purchasing products:Hydraulic gear pump and plunger pump shell, rear cover, inclined plate, etc.
Material requirement : Grey iron, ductile iron
Technique requirement:Sand casting, precision casting
Single piece weight:About 10kg
Annual purchasing value:¥ 25 million in China, more projects in the headquarter Italy


Purchasing products:Compressor parts
Material requirement : Mainly grey iron
Single piece weight:Dozens kilograms to several hundred kilograms
Annual purchasing quantity :  About 10,000 tons


DANIELI ( Italy)
Purchasing products:Mill parts (mainly cast iron), bearing seat, arch, metal crusher parts, etc.
Single piece weight:Cast iron: 5 kg-10 tons, precision casting: 1kg-200kg, cast steel: 0.1-250 tons, manganese steel、alloy steel:50 kg-20 tons
Technique requirement:Sand casting, water glass sand, lost foam, precision casting, etc.
Annual purchasing quantity: Cast iron 3,000 tons, cast steel 4,000 tons, precision casting 250 tons, wear-resistant parts 4,000 tons


GKN (World Top 500)
Purchasing products:Cast iron (grey iron and ductile iron, mainly for the automotive differential shell), aluminum alloy die casting
Material requirement : HT250, QT450~700,ADC12,A380,AlSi9Cu Technique requirement:Casting and high pressure die casting
Single piece weight:1.5-10kg
Annual purchasing value: Over ¥ 100 million


Rope Block (Netherlands)
Purchasing products: Castings for lifting equipment of wire rope lock
Material requirement: Cast iron, cast steel
Technique requirement: Sand casting, water glass or composite membrane investment casting
Single piece weight: Cast iron parts(sand casting):8-2500kg; steel castings(sand casting): 60-3000kg; precision (water glass + composite membrane + Silica sol):1-100kg
Annual purchasing quantity: Cast iron : 600-800tons; cast steel: 1200-1500 tons


Purchasing products: Auto parts
Material requirement: Aluminum, copper
Technique requirement: Press parts, stamping parts
Annual purchasing value: ¥ 20million


VAG Water Treatment Co., Ltd.(Germany)
Purchasing products: Parts for valves and other water treatment systems
Material requirement: Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel
Technique requirement: Sand casting, precision casting


Honeywell(Top World 500)
Purchasing products: Precision casting for turbocharger
Material requirement: High temperature alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.
Technique requirement: Lost wax casting, anti-gravity casting, low pressure casting
Single piece weight: 30~300g
Annual purchasing value: ¥ 1,100 million



Brilliance Auto
Purchasing products: Trailer parts, casting and machining
Material requirement: Cast iron, cast steel, nonferrous alloys
Annual purchasing value: More than ¥10 billion



Changsha Ximai Mechanical Construction Co., Ltd.
Purchasing products: Automotive engine parts, such as cylinder block, cylinder head, flywheel shell, oil sump, etc.
Material requirement: Gray iron, ductile iron, aluminum alloy
Technique requirement: Sand casting, low pressure casting, gravity casting
Single piece weight: 2KG-200KG
Annual purchasing value: ¥ 160 million


Friburg Industrial Co., Ltd.
Purchasing products: Fastener, hardware, industrial parts
Annual purchasing value: ¥ 18 million


Metal product interlink. LLC(U.S.A.)
Purchasing products: Truck, forklift parts
Material requirement: Carbon steel, alloy steel
Technique requirement: Sand casting, shell mould, lost wax, water glass silica sol, die forging, free forging
Single piece weight: 1-1500 KG
Annual purchasing value: ¥ 120 million


Bray Controls Co., Ltd.
Purchasing products: Valve castings and forgings
Material requirement: Carbon steel, stainless steel
Single piece weight: 0.5KG-10,000KG
Single piece weight: 2-120
Annual purchasing value:>¥ 50 million


Metso Mining(World Top 500)
Purchasing products: Crusher wearing parts and spare parts
Single piece weight: 5KG-10T
Material requirement: Carbon steel, alloy steel, high manganese steel, etc.
Annual purchasing value: ¥ 50 million


Purchasing products: Mainly die castings
Material requirement: Aluminum alloy
Technique requirement: Die casting, machining
Annual purchasing value: ¥ 10 million

FLEXCO(America enterprise with long history)
Purchasing products: Sand casting, precision casting, die casting
Single piece weight: Within 50KG
Material requirement: Ductile iron, 1020#, 1045#, 304, aluminum alloy
Annual purchasing value: ¥30 million


Changshu Syntron

Purchasing products: Machinery parts, mainly are mining machinery transportation equipment parts
Single piece weight: Cast steel, cast iron
Material requirement: Precision casting, sand casting
Annual purchasing quantity: About 50 thousand pieces 


Supplier name
Anhui Quanchai Tianhe Machinery Co., Ltd.
Baoding City Xingwang Machinery Co., Ltd.
Baoding Dongli Machinery Co., Ltd.
Baoding Hongli Prestressing Force Co., Ltd.
Baoding Industrial & Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Changzhou LianXiang Machinery Co., Ltd.
ChunTai Environmental Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Dalian PalCast Special Products Co., Ltd. 
Danyang Huarui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Dongying Chenhui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Dongying Hengcheng Machine Co., Ltd.
Finecaster Foundry (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd.
Fuji Machinery Industry (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
Fuxin Metal Processing Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Guixi Junda Special Copper Co., Ltd.
Hebei Metals & Engineering Products Co., Ltd.
Hebei North Casting Industry Co., Ltd.
Hefei Dongling Asahi Tec Metals Industries Co., Ltd.
Henan Golden Sun Foundry Co., Ltd.
HL Continuous Cast Iron Co., Ltd.   
Hubei Jinyang Metallurgical Inforporated Co.,Ltd
Impro International Limited
Inner Mongolia Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 
Jiangsu Jinzhou Investment Casting Foundry
KPS Machinery Co., Ltd.
Lianyungang Huada Casting Co., Ltd.
Liaocheng Xinluo Machinery Co., Ltd.
Liaoning Huayue Precision Machining Co., Ltd.
Liaoyang County Anlian Foundry Co., Ltd.
Linqing Dyne Precision Metal Co., Ltd.
Linzhou Liangfeng Machinery Foundry Co., Ltd.
Metcast Handan Foundry Ltd.
Ningbo Meihuali Machinery Co., Ltd.
Ningbo SAIVS Machinery Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Weiye Corp.
Ningjin County Huashuo Machinery Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Jinhongli Power Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shandong New Ankai Drive &Technology Inc.
Shanghai Hongda Ductile Iron Casting Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Yihong Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Yutong International Trade Co., Ltd.
Shaoxing Wanlong Precise Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Chuo Malleable Iron Co., Ltd. 
Suzhou Torin Machinery Casting Co., Ltd.
Taizhou Lizhong Pump Co., Ltd.
Ulvac Nonferrous Metals (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. 
Valmate Industrial Corporation
Vesuvius Foundry Products Suzhou Co., Ltd.
WINDUS Enterprises Inc.
Wujiang Alloy Steel Foundry
Xuanhua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yutian Yongxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Baoshi Casting Co., Ltd.


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