Exhibitors’ statement

Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd. Marketing Dept.

It is the tenth year for our company. We are dedicated to standing top in the field of sheet-metal processing. This is the first time that we participated in subcontract sourcing show organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd, and we paid much attention to the show. We are not only looking forward to displaying our products, but meeting more international potential purchaseronsite. Our company is satisfied with this show. We have witnessed the popular sourcing event, numerous visitors, foreign pavilion and organizer’s professional service. See you next year and hope more surprise.



Luoyang Hailong Precision Casting Co., Ltd. Sales Dept.

We are invited by Henan Casting & Forging Industrial Association to participate in the show. We are so pleased to see professional visitors, especially foreign buyers at the show. Compared with other casting exhibitions, the exhibitors of this show are all subcontracts, which made it more professional.The sourcing event onsite is crowded with people, afterword we appreciate that organizer sent all the buyer’s contact information to us. I wish next year the show and sourcing event will be more professional and more effective.



Zhejiang Zhengchang Forging Co., Ltd. Sales Dept.

We have heard the high reputation of Hannover Messe for times. As exhibitor for subcontract show, we experienced a professional exhibition. Here we met and talked with our clients, even potential buyers, competitors, media partners. It is no doubt that the show is an excellent platform for both exhibitors and visitors to share information like technology, market, etc. To myjoy, we are glad to find a few visitor delegations going through our booth. I expect the organizer to invite them to matchmaking next edition.



Henan Casting & Forging Industrial Association

I am supposed that East China, especially Shanghai is the priority for international business. The members in our association would like to look for international cooperation through this platform provided by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. We both agree that subcontracting in China market will develop greatly and there are countless subcontracts in China. It is a nice opportunity for linking up and matchmaking the industry chain for subcontracts and manufacturers. As an industry association, we will do unremitting efforts to conduct our members to expand business through the synergy with Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.


Visitors’ statement

Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Technology Centre

It is a great honor for us to have such a nice cooperation for Huizhong Technology & Purchasing Seminar with the organizer at the exhibition, and we are very glad to be part of this successful show. As an international trade show, it’s really a good place for industry players to gather and share. It well helps suppliers and users to meet one another. And we definitely would like to come back next year



Schuler Sales & Service Co., Ltd. Strategic Sourcing Dept.

Thanks to the organizer, we had participated in the onsite matchmaking activity. It is really a good way to help us make the most of the show. Hannover is well-known for its industry exhibition, and the onsite visiting experience really impressed me. In the theme of great industry, it is absolutely a win-win result to match buyers better through continuous industry segmentation. We hope find more suitable suppliers onsite in an efficient way, and we really appreciate the organizer for providing us such a good service. We’d love to come here again next year!



Sany Group Major Client Manager

Generally speaking, the show is well-organized, blessed with so many new products and technologies, and the onsite service for the visitor is quite good. We have learnt a lot about the market information through this show. The organizer’s services to visitors are good to facilitate our onsite touring and visiting. Wish you remain the high level operation and expect we can meet together again next year



Nanchang Gear Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager

It becomes an increasingly cautious selection for us in numerous domestic trade exhibitions. It’s a pity that we are unable to exhibit in this show because of the time. However, I’m still coming here for visiting, and had a nice communication with Huizhong Company. I have to admit that the quality and quantity of the exhibitors and visitors is really beyond my expectation.


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